One on one Meditation Coaching & Instruction


Practice instruction and refinement

Nick will explore with you how your meditation practice can coordinate your inner and outer circumstances, to support your journey of self discovery.

Meditation Instruction
When you are embarking on a journey, it is crucial to have a guide
Book a Session to benefit from:

– Personalized guidance
– Finding the right meditation technique
– Developing a routine for practice
– Practice accountability
– Encouragement support and inspiration
– How to navigate specific life situations
– Developing insight and creativity
– Study recommendations
– Advice on next steps in one’s journey

Finding your North Star
Meet with Nick to explore how your deepest inspiration and principles can be implemented into actions in your daily life that lead to fulfilling your vision.

– get a structure for seeing the different aspects of your life in context
– assess your current resources and challenges
– familiarize yourself with a holistic vision of working with your strengths and weaknesses
– develop a culture of collaborative livelihood, with check-ins and reviews
– receive tools for maintaining discipline, inspiration

Online Meetings

Nick can meet one-on-one with you for 1 hour via Google Hangout. Suggested rate: $100

Greater Boston Meetings

If you live in Eastern Massachusetts Nick will come to your home or business to meet for an instruction session for one hour. Suggested rate: $150

It takes time to hone in on how to apply meditation to your everyday life. There is a five meeting commitment for anyone Nick agrees to begin working with.

Group Instruction

Nick is available to meet with small groups of 4-8 people and large groups 10+ in the Greater Boston area. Suggested rate: $250-$500/hour